A combination of four letters that reveal your values, creating unique stories and iconic images. As many words as there are possible stories. Our passion is putting them together to design concepts, images and objects. From the word
comes the twist. From the gesture springs the form. Form and content, message and image, the idea and its expression: this is LOVE’s mission, born from a love of lines and materials that lead us to the end result.

Guided by intuition, imperative and creative boldness, LOVE helps brands to raise their voices, making them unique and relevant.




What kind of agency are you?

It’s not a typical agency. The people at L.O.V.E combine experience and know-how, fueled by passion. Our organization is flexible and open to international markets, with a reasonable number of clients, which allows us to remain available for close cooperation and a tailored approach.

How do you define luxury?

Luxury is whatever you make it. It is aesthetic and eternal. The products we work on are rooted in the subjective and the intuitive. The art of a luxury brand consists in giving structure to the subjective, demarcating dreams, while remaining open to intuition, and making decisions independent of trends and fashions. Eternity is somewhere between nostalgia and the spirit of the age.

What is your mission?

My experience at Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent then Artistic Consultant for Christian Dior Perfumes brand image, showed me people and management of major luxury goods companies are the ones who know their own brand image better than anyone and who know where they want to take it. It is up to us to understand the roots of the brand and its history, in order to find its proper and legitimate positioning. We must follow the client as the brand evolves in terms of quality and image, in order to give it an everlasting artistic vision.

Is this a form of love?

Absolutely! We believe in brands, we love them. Our expertise consists of a rich artistic experience, an intuitive and emotional relationship with the brand and the ability to look ahead to the future. We do not analyze and dissect things; we feel and experience them.

What are your powers of seduction?

We are organized and approach projects in a way that encompasses every aspect, from the concept and the image, to the design and packaging, merchandizing, publications, communications, advertising films, digital project and social media. We combine the skills of a communications agency, a design studio and an architect’s office in order to build a unified language and a unique vision. Brand images are puzzles that must be as coherent as possible, and L.O.V.E is the best possible source of coherence.